Expert Shield Olympus OM-D EM-5

I’m not one to endorse companies willy nilly but I felt the need to write this blog post about some great customer service experience I had recently. I’ve used Expert Shield products in the past for camera screens and recently I needed a cover for my Olympus camera. I bought one from Amazon and when it arrived it was too big for the screen but a couple of millimetres. This was disappointing as I needed the cover for a short trip I was taking with the camera. I got in touch with Expert Shield via Amazon and let them know my concerns about this particular protective cover.

Within hours I received an email back apologising profusely for the issue with the cover and was promised a replacement. This has now arrived and fits the screen perfectly. They actually sent me a couple. In fact I even managed to apply it without getting air bubbles. To cut a long story short they managed to remanufacture the covers to new dimensions and have replaced their faulty stock with the new ones and I couldn’t be happier. All the while the communications with their staff was top notch and friendly at all times.

I’ve recommended them before to camera buddies but this time they really have lived up to expectations, and exceeded them.

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