A Scottish Summer

It hasn’t rained in this part of Scotland now for almost 2 weeks and no sign of it changing. Here […]

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The sun has been shining fierce lately. So I went for a wander around the waterfront in Dundee. With such an impressive and imposing building it’s easy for the smaller details to be dwarfed.

I liked this photograph because of the beautiful purple Alliums at the base of the V&A.

Not long till the V&A opens in Dundee. September 15th is just around the corner and I cannot wait to get a closer look at this magnificent building


I hope you all had a great weekend. I Went for a wander last night. Managed to get down there for golden hour (nothing alcohol related i must say). A nice calm evening before temperatures are set to drop again. My beard has grown back which now means I need to wipe my face every 5 minutes due to my breath condensating on my beard. Proper explorer style 😊

I shot this photograph with my EM5.

Finally, a frozen forest photograph

If you have been following me for a while you will know I love trees. I have lots of forest photos but have always wanted a forest photo with SNOW! I finally had the opportunity to do so and it meant wading through knee deep snow to get it. Imagine living in here in a wee log cabin with a camp fire and some tinned beans. Got to watch out for wild animals! I even found some yellow snow. Not mine.

I cannot remember the location because it was a case of abandoning the car and climbing some fences.
I took this photograph on my phone.

The Buachaille

I really want to climb this. Scotlands most photographed mountain. Always beautiful no matter the weather. I just want up it now. Who fancies it? Seriously.

Tried to find my own take on this beautiful scene and found some large puddles further up. No deer though ☹

I took this on my TZ70 point and shoot.

A Frozen Loch Faskally

It always looks magical under a blanket of snow. I love the little boat shed and the wooden bridge that crosses the loch in the middle. If you ever get the chance a visit here during the Enchanted Forest is highly recommended. The forest is transformed into an amazing light and sound art installation.

I shot this on my phone with frozen fingers.

I love a lonely tree

What a morning this was. Whenever I go out for a road trip to a specific destination I honestly can’t think of a time when I haven’t stopped to take a photograph of something that’s caught my eye. Normally this means running out of time or cutting it really fine when trying to get to my ultimate destination. But sometimes it’s just too good to miss a moment. Seeing the mist rolling in off the surface of the River Tay and almost enveloping the trees on the banks of the river we just had to stop and take photographs. The soft snow, the frozen plans and ice crystals everywhere this tree was awesome. Bare of any leaves but adorned with large ice crystals reaching out in every direction. Just behind this tree is the river bank which leads down to the fast flowing River Tay. I have another photograph of the tree close up but I liked the composition of this with the fence leading the eye. Could have stayed here for longer but had to get back on the road!

I shot this on my phone.

Ginger Bread House

This has to be a dream surely. I mean this looks edible. Ginger bread house? With a thick layer of butter icing everwhere waiting to be devoured. Get in my belly! Butter icing is my favourite. Road trippin’. I shot this on my phone.

When I posted this photograph on my Facebook page quite a few people were quick to point out the location as I had no idea where I was at the time. Arverikie Estate is where this house is situated. Near Glenbogle. Beautiful isn’t it?


A Castle Sunset

Sunset from Tioram Castle was all sorts of special. Having driven through ice and snow for 5 hours and getting there just at the perfect time, the sun was setting and the tide was out but fast approaching. The castle sits on a tidal island in Loch Moidart.

Almost turned back at one point as the road deteriorated. But it was worth it to see this. The snow was beginning to fall and the mist was starting to reappear and just like that it was a great ending to the road trip. I make the drive sound arduous but in fact it was one of the best road trips I have ever done. I cannot wait to visit this part of my country again in the near future.

I captured this with my phone.

2017 In Images

When I look back on 2017 I surprise myself by just how much photography I managed to do with just my mobile phone. I get frustrated by my perceived lack of photographic activity but I have only just realised that by carrying a phone with a camera I have actually taken more photographs than I thought. It could be because it’s just what I do without thinking because it is so easy to pull a phone out of a pocket and snap some photographs and put it back and continue doing what I was doing as opposed to having to carry a big camera around like I used to when you knew you were taking photos because it hurt my back!

Because most of my images are taken on mobile phone I nearly always post them to Instagram before anywhere else due to its convenience and my followers who continue to encourage and support me. So I have decided to put together 10 of my best photographs from 2017 to share with you.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to continue in 2018.



Ever have those day dream moments when you’re wandering in a forest straight from a fairy tale and wished you were there? That you swear you could hear the crunch of the small twigs and branches under your feet, or the soft sinking feeling when you’re walking over that untouched moss? And that gorgeous light coming in through the trees just as the sun is about to set?

Black and White Beach Textures

I love the beach. Every time I go it’s always changed. Sometimes it is covered in seaweed. Other times it’s golden sand. When it’s windy it can be like walking through clouds as the sand blows past your ankles.

Look down at the sand and there are always a variety of textures that can be spotted on the beach.

Dunkeld Autumn 2014

Dunkeld is a beautiful place to go for a walk. Even more so during the Autumn season when the leaves have turned and the rain has fallen heavily. You get mist coming up from the waterfall and rapids which adds to the mystique of the place.