Tay Rail Bridge

The Tay Bridge (sometimes unofficially the Tay Rail Bridge) is a railway bridge approximately two and a quarter miles (three and a half kilometres) long that spans the Firth of Tay in Scotland, between the city of Dundee and the suburb of Wormit in Fife.

As with the Forth Bridge, the Tay Bridge has also been called the Tay Rail Bridge since the construction of a road bridge over the firth, the Tay Road Bridge. The rail bridge replaced an early train ferry.

“Tay Bridge” was also the codename for the funeral plans for Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

This photograph was captured from the Wormit end of the bridge. On a clear day when the tide is out you can see the foundations of the original bridge which collapsed in 1879.

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One response to “The Rail Bridge”

  1. KJ says:

    I need to revisit this place once the restoration work is complete.

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