I love a lonely tree

What a morning this was. Whenever I go out for a road trip to a specific destination I honestly can’t think of a time when I haven’t stopped to take a photograph of something that’s caught my eye. Normally this means running out of time or cutting it really fine when trying to get to my ultimate destination. But sometimes it’s just too good to miss a moment. Seeing the mist rolling in off the surface of the River Tay and almost enveloping the trees on the banks of the river we just had to stop and take photographs. The soft snow, the frozen plans and ice crystals everywhere this tree was awesome. Bare of any leaves but adorned with large ice crystals reaching out in every direction. Just behind this tree is the river bank which leads down to the fast flowing River Tay. I have another photograph of the tree close up but I liked the composition of this with the fence leading the eye. Could have stayed here for longer but had to get back on the road!

I shot this on my phone.

A Castle Sunset

Sunset from Tioram Castle was all sorts of special. Having driven through ice and snow for 5 hours and getting there just at the perfect time, the sun was setting and the tide was out but fast approaching. The castle sits on a tidal island in Loch Moidart.

Almost turned back at one point as the road deteriorated. But it was worth it to see this. The snow was beginning to fall and the mist was starting to reappear and just like that it was a great ending to the road trip. I make the drive sound arduous but in fact it was one of the best road trips I have ever done. I cannot wait to visit this part of my country again in the near future.

I captured this with my phone.

2017 In Images

When I look back on 2017 I surprise myself by just how much photography I managed to do with just my mobile phone. I get frustrated by my perceived lack of photographic activity but I have only just realised that by carrying a phone with a camera I have actually taken more photographs than I thought. It could be because it’s just what I do without thinking because it is so easy to pull a phone out of a pocket and snap some photographs and put it back and continue doing what I was doing as opposed to having to carry a big camera around like I used to when you knew you were taking photos because it hurt my back!

Because most of my images are taken on mobile phone I nearly always post them to Instagram before anywhere else due to its convenience and my followers who continue to encourage and support me. So I have decided to put together 10 of my best photographs from 2017 to share with you.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to continue in 2018.


Dunkeld Autumn 2014

Dunkeld is a beautiful place to go for a walk. Even more so during the Autumn season when the leaves have turned and the rain has fallen heavily. You get mist coming up from the waterfall and rapids which adds to the mystique of the place.

Toshiba FlashAir Wifi SD Cards

I’ve been downsizing a lot recently and rediscovering some of my old digital cameras. I use my mobile phone a lot these days, probably around 80% of my photography at the moment involves using my mobile phone. I wanted to try and find a way that I could use my old cameras to capture the photographs and the mobile phone to process them and I did some searching online and discovered Eye Fi cards. They seemed great and come in different flavours but the basic Mobi version was all I really needed.

Angus Road

After placing an order for one I discovered that they have actually removed some functionality from these cards which means you cannot selectively download images from the card to your mobile device. What happens is instead that all images are transferred to your mobile device. Ever single one. This is potentially bad news if you’ve got a mobile device with limited storage capacity. This put me off and I immediately regretted placing the orderer. Thankfully I was able to cancel and continue my search.

Up stepped the Toshiba FlashAir WiFi cards. This seemed more like it. When you connect to your camera and the memory cards WiFi signal through your mobile device and go to your web browser it automatically takes you to a web interface that allows you to explore the contents of your camera. You can browse folders and images. At this point nothing has been downloaded other than the image thumbnails in your browser cache. To download your full resolution image you just click on the thumbnail and it loads in the browser allowing you to choose to download the image or not. Simple. And half the price of the Eye Fi card.


Connection is secure and you are able to set your own WiFi network name and connection password when setting up. And it’s pretty easy to set up.

I’ve been using it this weekend and have been really very pleased with the performance of it in my Panasonic GF1 camera. I managed to take some photographs on the camera and edit them on my phone and upload to social media from my car in the middle of the Scottish country side.

I bought the Toshiba Flash Air 32GB Class10 Wireless Memory Card/ Wifi SD Card but they do smaller and bigger capacities also. As long as your camera supports SDHC cards you’re good to go.

Caird Hall

Walked past the Caird Hall in Dundee today.

The city square is looking great these days.

The place will be buzzing in the summertime.

An Autumn Walk at the Hermitage, Dunkeld

Fast approaching that time of the year when the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin changing from dark greens to vibrant reds and oranges. A great time of the year to explore Scotland’s forest parks. The following 5 images were taken on my phone while walking through The Hermitage walk in Dunkeld, Perthshire.


Ossian's Hall of Mirrors is a #Georgian structure located at The #Hermitage in #Dunkeld, #Scotland.


Endor #whpsignsoftheseason #autumn #perth #perthshire #dunkeld #scotland #country #sunrays #october #beauty #forest #trees #woodlands #hermitage

Grain #Dunkeld #scotland #forest #trees #autumn #october


The stone #bridge at #Dunkeld #Hermitage. Dates from 1770. #perth #scotland #autumn

If you fancy you can purchase these on canvas and other mediums.

Olloclip Macro Lens

I’m shooting on a tight budget these days and have not had a macro lens for a long time. In fact I’ve never had a dedicated macro lens and that’s not going to change now. However I did manage to get a cheap lens adaptor for my phone called the Olloclip. It’s fantastic and comes with three different lens attachments. It’s really small and fits in my pocket perfectly. It does look a little strange attached to a phone but to be honest it’s only going to be there when it’s being used for photographical purposes.

The macro lens attachment is the one piece that I’ve used properly so far. The following images are all shot on the phone using the Olloclip in decent light. It was a mixture of rain, wind and sunshine today so I tried my best to control the camera and subjects.


Hover fly. Macro photography on a phone?

Spiral. Playing with the Olloclip macro lens on the phone.

The build quality of the kit is actually quite surprising. The body is made of some sort of metal alloy and painted nicely and the lenses themselves feel great to hold. They are weighty which is nice given they are smaller than a 20p piece. The kit comes with a nice little pouch for keeping everything together and the lenses come with tiny lens caps which keep them free of dust and scratches.

If you’re interested in buying this you’re better off looking on ebay as the prices online and in some stores are borderline extortionate. I managed to get mine on ebay for very nearly half the price they officially charge on the Olloclip website. They do versions for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPhone 5. Handy thing to have.

Food and drink


The new Instagram Willow Filter

On the 10th of December Instagram rolled out an update to its popular mobile photo sharing application. In this update was a new filter called Willow. According to Instagram, “Willow is a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border. This filter works well on portraits, still life and architecture photographs with contrast.”

It’s a monochrome filter which produces tones and contrast a lot less extreme than the current monochrome filter and because of this it has fast become my favourite. I wanted to share some of my favourite images that I’ve shot with the new filter over the past week. I’ve also included some re-edits of old photos with the new Willow filter.


Tried to capture this in the summer but the trees were full of leaves then. Now that it’s winter the leaves have gone and there is a more foreboding feel about the place, especially when the light is overcast.