An Autumn Walk at the Hermitage, Dunkeld

Fast approaching that time of the year when the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin changing from dark greens to vibrant reds and oranges. A great time of the year to explore Scotland’s forest parks. The following 5 images were taken on my phone while walking through The Hermitage walk in Dunkeld, Perthshire.

Ossian's Hall of Mirrors is a #Georgian structure located at The #Hermitage in #Dunkeld, #Scotland.


Endor #whpsignsoftheseason #autumn #perth #perthshire #dunkeld #scotland #country #sunrays #october #beauty #forest #trees #woodlands #hermitage

Grain #Dunkeld #scotland #forest #trees #autumn #october

The stone #bridge at #Dunkeld #Hermitage. Dates from 1770. #perth #scotland #autumn

If you fancy you can purchase these on canvas and other mediums.

Olloclip Macro Lens

I’m shooting on a tight budget these days and have not had a macro lens for a long time. In fact I’ve never had a dedicated macro lens and that’s not going to change now. However I did manage to get a cheap lens adaptor for my phone called the Olloclip. It’s fantastic and comes with three different lens attachments. It’s really small and fits in my pocket perfectly. It does look a little strange attached to a phone but to be honest it’s only going to be there when it’s being used for photographical purposes.

The macro lens attachment is the one piece that I’ve used properly so far. The following images are all shot on the phone using the Olloclip in decent light. It was a mixture of rain, wind and sunshine today so I tried my best to control the camera and subjects.


Hover fly. Macro photography on a phone?

Spiral. Playing with the Olloclip macro lens on the phone.

The build quality of the kit is actually quite surprising. The body is made of some sort of metal alloy and painted nicely and the lenses themselves feel great to hold. They are weighty which is nice given they are smaller than a 20p piece. The kit comes with a nice little pouch for keeping everything together and the lenses come with tiny lens caps which keep them free of dust and scratches.

If you’re interested in buying this you’re better off looking on ebay as the prices online and in some stores are borderline extortionate. I managed to get mine on ebay for very nearly half the price they officially charge on the Olloclip website. They do versions for the iPhone 4/4s and the iPhone 5. Handy thing to have.

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