The Scots Magazine

Recently I was given the opportunity to have one of my favourite images on the cover of one of the worlds oldest print magazines. My image of the actor Brian Cox, a fellow Dundonian, was chosen to grace the cover of the relaunched magazine complete in its new format.

As well as a cover image a second image was used on a full page inside as well as digitally across the website and iPad and iPhone apps.

I am extremely proud.

Melantha Cassytha in Black and White

Further to my previous collection of images from the shoot with Melantha I wanted to post the black and white images also. Both collections though shot in the same location provide a different feel. I’ve been working a lot with black and white particularly in my mobile photography and have wanted to do a portrait session with black and white specifically in mind, so it’s nice to be able to present these images as part of that vision.

I look forward to collaborating with Melantha on future projects very soon.

Model : Melantha Cassytha

Melantha Cassytha

February saw my first collaboration of the year with beautiful Melantha Cassytha. I’ve had a location in mind for a while and struggled to find someone that I felt would help me achieve the look and level of emotion that I had visualised. We were blessed with one day of fantastic weather and light and Melantha really came through.

Model : Melantha Cassytha


I’ve been trying for a while to find someone to help me achieve the types of photographs I’m after, something with a little emotion and I sort of feel that I’ve achieved that with my latest shoot.

Strobist info : 580EX2 1/8 power bare model right, head height, triggered with the Syl Arena ETTL cord, Using the sunset to provide key light.

Model : Melantha Cassytha


My First Strobist Experience

I had a couple of friends volunteer to be models for me this weekend for my first time shooting with off camera flash. I consider myself to be pretty comfortable with my photography but at the same time aware that I’ve a lot to learn and it’s a continuous process.

One area that terrifies me is the use of off camera flash… indeed any sort of light that doesn’t come from the sun. As a way to remedy this and to add another option to my workflow I’ve decided to pursue this area pretty aggressively in an effort to get myself up to speed. One thing that I’m always conscious about is that a lot of my landscape photography would be more interesting with people in the frame. So the aim has become two-fold.

I also recently picked up a copy of Syl Arena’s new book Speedliter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites. It’s fantastic and proved to be the final push I need to get out and about. I’m still pretty surprised that you can get pretty decent light with a single source balanced with ambient light. I hope things will snowball from here.

Strobist info
580EX2 @ 105mm zoom with varying angles and power settings for the photographs. Bare on the beach and through an umbrella in the forest.
Triggered with Pocket Wizards

Must take a notebook with me next time.

And a BIG thanks to my friends who helped out with modelling and holding my strobes for me 🙂 Thanks guys!


YDance (Scottish Youth Dance) is the National Youth Dance Agency for Scotland. We encourage young people aged 3 to 21 to get active and to realise their potential as individuals through dance.

The photographs are a selection of those shot during the Scottish Refugee Week 2010.

For more information on Y-Dance take a look at their website.

Back and Forth and Hope (is a thing with feathers)

Back and Forth and Hope performed at the Scottish Refugee Week 2010 and they were absolutely fantastic.

Red Cross Comedy Night

The Red Cross comedy night took place on Friday evening at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow as part of Scottish Refugee Week. Kevin Bridges was the headline act and a good evening was had by all.

Oxfam Media Awards Winners

I was at the Oxfam Refugee Week Media Awards 2010 last night. The awards were held at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

The winners and runners-up each received a Rankin print from his recent project in Africa.

The Winners

National Print
First Prize

Billy Briggs, In Search of Refuge , The Herald Magazine

Stephen Naysmith, The Story of the Red Road Tragedy, Sunday Herald

Local Print
First Prize

Caroline Wilson, No Place for Us, the Evening Times

David Clegg, Asylum Seeker’s Heroism Award, The Courier

First Prize

Michael Edwards, STV News, Kosovo to Glasgow

Radio Clyde News Team, coverage of the Red Road tragedy

First Prize

Colin Mearns, Story of the Red Road Tragedy, Sunday Herald/Herald

Maurice McDonald (Universal News and Sport), Hoops Home Help, published in the Daily Record