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It Came Back

I’ve been snapping quite happily recently with my iPhone camera. Quite surprised with the results it gives in different lighting conditions. This shot was taken with the Hypstamatic app which is fantastic and offers a variety of simulated lenses and film. This photograph was taken tonight as the snow returned. Thought we’d seen the back of it a few weeks ago but a sudden temperature drop in the North set this off. It’s still snowing as I look outside.

Rear Window

Rear Window. Rome.

Across the Divide

A wander around the financial part of Glasgow City Center with my LX3.

AI protest for Dr Binayak Sen

Dr Binayak Sen, a medical doctor and human rights defender, was arrested on 12 May 2007. He is currently in prison awaiting a trial that has been repeatedly delayed.

Police allege that he passed letters between imprisoned members of a banned leftist group. However, Amnesty International believe the charges against him are politically motivated, aimed at stopping his human rights work. Dr Sen, a pioneer in providing accessible health care to the rural poor, has been documenting the impact of conflict in the region on the rights of marginalised communities.

The protest was held outside the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

More information on Amnesty International’s website.


This was a tough call for me. A man was hit by a car outside my home, I didn’t see anything but heard the commotion outside.

There were people everywhere and the man seemed to be in good hands. The police and ambulance were called and both turned up within 5 minutes. People on the street were stabilising the gentleman while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

My wife and I heard the impact from 4 stories up. When we realised what the noise was the perspective changed. I wanted to go down on the street to help but there was already a small crowd around this man and felt that to many people could in fact be detrimental. Instead I stayed at the window watching the emergency services do their thing.

I also found myself scanning the scene for clues… something I’ve developed during some of my activities a few years back. I could see where the mans shoe had landed, his belongings scattered over a distance, the stopping distance of the car that was presumably involved in the accident, the position of the man lying on the road, the bistanders, registration numbers and things like that. All things that can help in an investigation.

I then asked myself if I should take a shot. My wife didn’t understand why I would and to some extent I could see why. I understood. A few years back before I got involved with photography I would have never thought about taking a shot of the scene. But the strange thing was I felt I had too this time.

The noise we heard was like a car hitting the side of another car and perhaps scuffing the wing mirror, like a clattering noise.

The realisation that the noise was the result of a human being impacting with a machine made me sick, it made us both sick. It also very quickly served as a reminder to both myself and my wife just how fragile life is.

People are all around us but we go on with our own lives oblivious to the lives of those around us. I don’t know. I’m not one for telling stories in words to accompany my images, mainly because I tend to keep my thoughts to myself but this shot is something different. I feel guilty for taking the shot but I also feel that the shot carries a story that when you, as a viewer, gets past the first impression, I hope will realise.

Up on the Roof

A man gets ready for the day ahead with an early morning shower on the roof of his home in Delhi.

Stop the War. Gaza Anti-war Protest

Coverage of the Stop The War Scotland protest against the Israeli offensive in Gaza. The protest was held in Edinburgh where thousands of people turned up to protest throughout the day.

Indian Street Photography

Some street shots from my time in India.