Tentsmuir Forest Infrared

Bow Fiddle Rock in Black and White


Ever have those day dream moments when you’re wandering in a forest straight from a fairy tale and wished you were there? That you swear you could hear the crunch of the small twigs and branches under your feet, or the soft sinking feeling when you’re walking over that untouched moss? And that gorgeous light coming in through the trees just as the sun is about to set?

Glimpse at the Edge

That moment when you get near the edge of the forest and you catch a glimpse of a fantastic sunset.

Black and White Spring

From a quick walk, Spring is truly here but instead of focussing on colours I wanted to expose the textures in these flowers using high contrast┬áblack and white. I’ll publish the colour versions shortly.

Waves in the Sand at Tentsmuir

What started as a nice day quickly turned into a fairly windy day at the beach.

With the wind blowing across the surface of the sand it was great to see the wave effect in the sand grains as they were blown off into the distance towards this lonely figure.

It makes for a turbulent image with the strong clouds and the waves in the distance, but at the same time relatively peaceful given the vast near deserted beach and tones.

Monochrome Monikie Reservoir

A black and white photograph of the reservoir at Monikie Country Park in Scotland. Long exposure just after sunset. The sun had set behind the small island to the center right of the image and with heavy clouds in the sky I decided that a long exposure would do this scene justice.

Because the reservoir is so high above sea level you can get some amazing sunsets and sunrises here.


Another beautiful sunset on Broughty Ferry beach. It’s a great location because for most of the year you get lovely sunrises, and over winter you get equally great sunsets.

Head in the Clouds

A view from the top of Kinnoull Hill, Perthshire, Scotland on a foggy day. Well, foggy at ground level at least.

Next time it’s foggy, head for the hills! Oh, and take a map and compass.

A Broughty Ferry Moonrise

A late evening walk along Broughty Ferry beach resulted in this photograph of the full moon rising above the Tay Estuary.