Early Spring Bokeh

Another cold spring day, but the sun was out. Didn’t get a chance to head out until just before sunset so I walked out with the camera and grabbed a couple of low light shallow depth of field images. The blossom is out so I took the chance to take that cliche shot. It’s still a favourite.

Caird Hall

Walked past the Caird Hall in Dundee today.

The city square is looking great these days.

The place will be buzzing in the summertime.

The Rowan Gorilla VII and the Stars

The Rowan Gorilla VII

Passing into the Sunset

The Tay Rail Bridge, Winter 2012

A beautiful sunset, I remember this day.

Holga in Dundee

I found a couple of rolls of 120mm Kodak Tmax sitting in my desk that I had exposed almost a full year ago. Decided to get them out and developed. Always a nice surprise with film because you can never remember what you shot. These were shot on a Holga 120 GCFN film camera around January time, although the images of the Dundee council building coming down may have been more recent. June I think.



The Scots Magazine

Recently I was given the opportunity to have one of my favourite images on the cover of one of the worlds oldest print magazines. My image of the actor Brian Cox, a fellow Dundonian, was chosen to grace the cover of the relaunched magazine complete in its new format.

As well as a cover image a second image was used on a full page inside as well as digitally across the website and iPad and iPhone apps.

I am extremely proud.

Broughty Ferry Castle

Went out with the intention of getting this during sunset, but the storm clouds moved in and so I resorted to black and white multi exposure. Clouds came out quite dramatic as well as some details I didn’t notice when I composed the image.

I had some problems after reviewing the image a couple of days later and felt that the castle just was not being pulled from the background enough, it was still dark and very much in the shadows. The new version is much brighter, sharper and has more depth to it. Sharing both for comparisons sake. Also a different crop as I feel the panoramic view works better to remove some of the excess water and sky.

Ilford XP2 in the Olympus XA

These images were shot a while back on Ilford XP2 400 film. The film doesn’t produce the most contrasty black and white images you’ll ever see but the shadow details seem quite nice and the overall tone of the images seems pretty balanced. Whether that was the camera or the film is debatable.

Experimentation with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Photographs from the Sprocket Rocket on expired Kodak Gold 200 film. Some interesting colours and light leaks. Tweaked the saturation a little and some exposure settings but not a great deal. The colours really pop!