Rolling Fog on Perthshire Fields

Early morning fog over the hills and fields of Perthshire, as viewed from the top of Kinnoull Hill earlier this year


While driving up the A9 in Scotland passed Dunkeld I saw this view in my rear view mirror and had to turn back to grab a quick photograph. The mist was rolling down the tree covered hillsides onto the road and behind this the sun was settings. It was a cold February day and it’s a great mix for these sorts of shots. Low lying cloud was everywhere.


Kinnoull Hill is a hill located in Perth, Scotland.

From the hill’s 222m south-facing cliff summit, views are afforded of the River Tay, the Friarton Bridge, and a stretch of the Tay Coast railway line. Further to the south, Moncrieffe Hill can be seen.

On an outcrop a few hundred yards to the east of — but visible from — the summit is Kinnoull Tower. Built in the 18th century by the 9th Earl of Kinnoull, the tower, along with nearby Binn Tower, is meant to resemble the castles on the Rhine in Germany. The tower is easily accessible via a footpath.

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