Arbroath Harbour

I wish I could say it was a beautiful day when I captured this photograph but I can’t. At one point almost being blown over the sea wall when composing this it was a cold blistery day in Arbroath.

I did however manage to keep the camera steady enough and for long enough to get this long exposure as the sun set in the distance. Made it worth while.

The Forth Rail Bridge from South Queensferry

This was the first time I’d been able to get down and photography in and around South Queensferry. I’ve always wanted to get close to this amazing architectural and engineering marvel. I think I might have picked possibly the coldest and windiest day to spend a few hours there. I could barely feel my face let alone my fingers which I needed to operate my camera. Luckily I saw the transition from daylight to nighttime and the switching on of the lights. It really is something to see when illuminated at night. The scale of the thing leaves you standing, staring in awe.

I hope these images, one daylight and the other night time go some way to portraying the sheer brilliance of this place.

For more information about the bridge and its history take a look at the wikipedia page.

The Haida 10 Stop ND Filter

I’ve been looking for a ND filter on a budget for doing long exposures. The Lee Big Stopper is pretty expensive when you factor in the cost of the foundation kit holder and then the wide angle lens adaptor. If you’re a landscape photographer and you often use the same lens then there is nothing wrong with a screw on filter and some patience.

At around £35 depending on where you buy the Haida 10 Stop ND filter for 77mm threaded lenses is an absolute bargain. You’re probably thinking that for that money you’d get a plastic filter with pretty bad build quality but that just is not the case with the Haida. It comes in a nicely packaged and branded cardboard box and has it’s own padded plastic case to keep the filter safe when not in use. They have a Pro II version which is multicoated and scratch resistant for a little more money.

Here are a few images I shot today over the space of an hour or so in different locations. I’ve converted to black and white because that’s what I like but the colour cast is not that bad, in fact it’s easily removed in post and is definitely not as bad as I’ve seen in other filters. I’ve done little to these images other than the black and white conversion.