Invergowrie Parish Church

Shot a lovely wedding vow renewal ceremony here. Couldn’t find a single image of this church from the inside. As far as I know this is the first one on the Internet. The Parish Church in Invergowrie. Beautiful church in a lovely little town.

The Lines at Invergowrie

This photograph was shot in December 2010 the month that Scotland and indeed most of the UK suffered its heaviest widespread snowfall since record began.

Invergowrie is a village on the north bank of the River Tay to the west of Dundee. Although formally incorporated as part of Dundee, it is located in Perth and Kinross.

The village is served by Invergowrie railway station.

Perthshire Sunset

I spent some time wandering around Invergowrie looking for some photographic opportunities. Toward the end of the walk I moved onto the snow covered beach, completely untouched by anyone else that day and the snow lay perfectly all around me. I waited for the sun to begin setting and found myself a good spot looking onto the River Tay and the coast line. A spectacular end to the day.

Incidentally while waiting for this photograph you could see large chunks of ice floating down the river from Perthshire where the River Tay had frozen over completely.

Little Stars

I love the night sky. I also love snow. The two combined = awesome!