Stormy Weather (re–edit)

This is a re–edit of a previous photograph that I posted last year. I didn’t think I had managed to get the exposure and contrast the way I wanted and the new image shows the drama more clearly. I think it’s also closer to what I had seen. The heavens opening and the sun breaking through creating an amazing contract between the dark clouds and their sunlit edges.

I’ve also given it a closer crop, giving a greater sense of scale with the man walking along the beach close to the edge of the frame with the other two thirds dominated by the clouds.

Stormy Weather

A massive weather front moves its way from West to East of Scotland. The weather at this time of the year and in late April always makes for dramatic cloud photographs. This September has been particularly volatile after parts of the UK where hit with the remnants of hurricane Katia which slammed into the Eastern US earlier in the month of September.

Triple Storm Weather Front Panorama

I actually captured this image yesterday but only got around to processing it today. It was captured on Monifieth beach in Angus, Scotland. The weather has been pretty crazy lately with lots of potential for dramatic cloud formations and that was what I was hoping to capture when I went down there. It was pretty awesome to see three seperate storms work their way across West to East showering Fife with what seemed like a crazy amount of rain.

You can view the large size image (3000px wide). If you want an idea of scale you’ll see a gentleman walking his dog on the extreme right of the image.