Waves in the Sand at Tentsmuir

What started as a nice day quickly turned into a fairly windy day at the beach.

With the wind blowing across the surface of the sand it was great to see the wave effect in the sand grains as they were blown off into the distance towards this lonely figure.

It makes for a turbulent image with the strong clouds and the waves in the distance, but at the same time relatively peaceful given the vast near deserted beach and tones.


An image from my archives. This was taken in April 2011. Particularly beautiful skies and silence in the air I remember well. You really do get some beautiful light on the east coast of Scotland.

Nobodys Home

Quiet Forest Path

A quiet path leading through Tentsmuir Forest

Beach Cyclists

A couple cycling along the beach at Tentsmuir Forest

Sun Sets for the Isle of May

The sun sets over the Isle of May, taken while on a walk down the East Neuk of Fife.

December iPhoneography

A nice little selection of images that I managed to capture this month to round up the year. These were all shot on my phone, which is remarkable considering the image quality you can get these days of such devices. I hope you like them. And if you haven’t already, you should visit Scotland.

What is so amazing about mobiles is practically everyone has one, if it’s not an iPhone then it’ll be something else but it’ll still have a camera on it. And no matter what the quality of the camera you can always use it to come up with interesting images. You’ve got it with you all the time and with todays¬†smart-phones¬†it’s even easier to edit before posting online. Coupled with a decent case and you’ve pretty much got a go with you everywhere anytime camera. What’s not to like?

Triple Storm Weather Front Panorama

I actually captured this image yesterday but only got around to processing it today. It was captured on Monifieth beach in Angus, Scotland. The weather has been pretty crazy lately with lots of potential for dramatic cloud formations and that was what I was hoping to capture when I went down there. It was pretty awesome to see three seperate storms work their way across West to East showering Fife with what seemed like a crazy amount of rain.

You can view the large size image (3000px wide). If you want an idea of scale you’ll see a gentleman walking his dog on the extreme right of the image.

The Future is Bright…

That would be a nice title, if it wasn’t already being used as a slogan for a well known phone brand.

The Law Hill, Rigs and a Sunset

This photograph was taken on Tentsmuir Beach looking towards the city of Dundee. In the distance you can see the legs of one of the jack-up oil rigs currently in the city for maintenance works.