Waves in the Sand at Tentsmuir

What started as a nice day quickly turned into a fairly windy day at the beach.

With the wind blowing across the surface of the sand it was great to see the wave effect in the sand grains as they were blown off into the distance towards this lonely figure.

It makes for a turbulent image with the strong clouds and the waves in the distance, but at the same time relatively peaceful given the vast near deserted beach and tones.

Monochrome Monikie Reservoir

A black and white photograph of the reservoir at Monikie Country Park in Scotland. Long exposure just after sunset. The sun had set behind the small island to the center right of the image and with heavy clouds in the sky I decided that a long exposure would do this scene justice.

Because the reservoir is so high above sea level you can get some amazing sunsets and sunrises here.

Early Spring Bokeh

Another cold spring day, but the sun was out. Didn’t get a chance to head out until just before sunset so I walked out with the camera and grabbed a couple of low light shallow depth of field images. The blossom is out so I took the chance to take that cliche shot. It’s still a favourite.

Caird Hall

Walked past the Caird Hall in Dundee today.

The city square is looking great these days.

The place will be buzzing in the summertime.


This is a photography from 2011. 3 years ago. I’ve always liked this photography but I’m not sure I’ve ever posted it before. It was pretty cold though not as cold as the winter of 2010 when Dundee practically froze. But I’ve yet to see this place covered in snow. I can imagine that it would look pretty special but it’s never happened when I’ve been able to get there. Still we have no snow this winter and I’m hoping we’ll get some, especially since the temperature merits it!

Bow Fiddle Rock

Kilchurn Castle


Passing into the Sunset

Kinnoull Hill Above the Clouds in Black and White

Kinnoull Hill is a hill located in Perth, Scotland.

From the hill’s 222m south-facing cliff summit, views are afforded of the River Tay, the Friarton Bridge, and a stretch of theTay Coast railway line. Further to the south, Moncrieffe Hill can be seen.

On an outcrop a few hundred yards to the east of — but visible from — the summit is Kinnoull Tower. Built in 1829 by Lord Grey of Kinfauns as a romantic folly, the tower, along with nearby Binn Tower, originally used as an observatory by Grey, are meant to resemble the castles on the Rhine in Germany as Grey saw a great similarity between the River Tay and parts of the Rhine. The tower is easily accessible via a footpath.