A Broughty Ferry Moonrise

A late evening walk along Broughty Ferry beach resulted in this photograph of the full moon rising above the Tay Estuary.

The Forth Rail Bridge from South Queensferry

This was the first time I’d been able to get down and photography in and around South Queensferry. I’ve always wanted to get close to this amazing architectural and engineering marvel. I think I might have picked possibly the coldest and windiest day to spend a few hours there. I could barely feel my face let alone my fingers which I needed to operate my camera. Luckily I saw the transition from daylight to nighttime and the switching on of the lights. It really is something to see when illuminated at night. The scale of the thing leaves you standing, staring in awe.

I hope these images, one daylight and the other night time go some way to portraying the sheer brilliance of this place.

For more information about the bridge and its history take a look at the wikipedia page.


An image from my archives. This was taken in April 2011. Particularly beautiful skies and silence in the air I remember well. You really do get some beautiful light on the east coast of Scotland.

Nobodys Home

Sun Sets for the Isle of May

The sun sets over the Isle of May, taken while on a walk down the East Neuk of Fife.

December iPhoneography

A nice little selection of images that I managed to capture this month to round up the year. These were all shot on my phone, which is remarkable considering the image quality you can get these days of such devices. I hope you like them. And if you haven’t already, you should visit Scotland.

What is so amazing about mobiles is practically everyone has one, if it’s not an iPhone then it’ll be something else but it’ll still have a camera on it. And no matter what the quality of the camera you can always use it to come up with interesting images. You’ve got it with you all the time and with todays smart-phones it’s even easier to edit before posting online. Coupled with a decent case and you’ve pretty much got a go with you everywhere anytime camera. What’s not to like?

The Future is Bright…

That would be a nice title, if it wasn’t already being used as a slogan for a well known phone brand.

The Law Hill, Rigs and a Sunset

This photograph was taken on Tentsmuir Beach looking towards the city of Dundee. In the distance you can see the legs of one of the jack-up oil rigs currently in the city for maintenance works.

Orange Glow

Almost There