Glenshee Sunset in Monochrome

I have this shot in colour, which I captured on my mobile phone. I wanted to do a black and white version because I love the contrast that you get with snow, especially when the light is coming in from a low angle.

I remember seeing the gentleman as he approached me. He looked utterly exhausting. Walking through that deep snow really must take a lot out of the body.


Droplets on trees at the Hermitage

Tentsmuir Forest and Beach

I’ve lived in Dundee most of my life, I can see the forest from my house and yet I’ve never visited Tentsmuir Forest before today. I picked a good day to go. Sub-zero temperatures, black ice and plenty of cold wind made it an adventurous walk. I came home unscathed feeling better having enjoyed some of the freshest air and scenery I’ve experienced for a while.

Relatively popular with dog walkers and those seeking a bit of exercise it is quite easy to escape to quieter places by following some of the trails off the beach into the miles of forest that immediately protect the coast line from sea erosion.

Tentsmuir Forest in Fife, Scotland, stands next to Kinshaldy Beach with a view across the Firth of Tay. Covering some 50 square miles (130 km2), the area was originally moorland before acquisition by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s.

The forest consists mainly of Scots Pine and Corsican Pine, a large part of which is a Nature Reserve (Tentsmuir Point National Nature reserve). Since the forest is adjacent to Kinshaldy Beach, there is a large variety of wildlife. Here can be seen deer, bats, Red Squirrel and in particular Grey Seal. Unusually, however, there are also cattle present as part of conservation management.

Tentsmuir Forest is notable for the many concrete blocks distributed along the shoreline, which acted as coastal defence against landing craft during World War II. The nearby RAF Leuchars base means that military aircraft are often seen (and heard), but aviation links go back to 1911 with the setting up of a Royal Engineers training camp. During World War II troops of the Polish Army were based here to man the coastal defences.

The Lines at Invergowrie

This photograph was shot in December 2010 the month that Scotland and indeed most of the UK suffered its heaviest widespread snowfall since record began.

Invergowrie is a village on the north bank of the River Tay to the west of Dundee. Although formally incorporated as part of Dundee, it is located in Perth and Kinross.

The village is served by Invergowrie railway station.

Perthshire Sunset

I spent some time wandering around Invergowrie looking for some photographic opportunities. Toward the end of the walk I moved onto the snow covered beach, completely untouched by anyone else that day and the snow lay perfectly all around me. I waited for the sun to begin setting and found myself a good spot looking onto the River Tay and the coast line. A spectacular end to the day.

Incidentally while waiting for this photograph you could see large chunks of ice floating down the river from Perthshire where the River Tay had frozen over completely.

Little Stars

I love the night sky. I also love snow. The two combined = awesome!

UK Snow, Dundee’s Cold Snap

From a walk in the city of Dundee, Scotland tonight. Scotland and indeed most of the United Kingdom has experienced some of its coldest temperatures since records began.

Scotland suffered its earliest snowfall in 17 years when in some places several feet of snow fell causing serious disruption to transport networks as well as other infrastructure. I took the opportunity to try and get some winter photographs of my home city under the snow.


This is what gale force winds, snow, sand, thunder and lightning looks like on a cold November night. Shot on the beaches of Broughty Ferry looking toward Tayport and Fife.

It Came Back

I’ve been snapping quite happily recently with my iPhone camera. Quite surprised with the results it gives in different lighting conditions. This shot was taken with the Hypstamatic app which is fantastic and offers a variety of simulated lenses and film. This photograph was taken tonight as the snow returned. Thought we’d seen the back of it a few weeks ago but a sudden temperature drop in the North set this off. It’s still snowing as I look outside.

The Italian Alps

This is the reason I always look out for a window seat.