Black and White Spring

From a quick walk, Spring is truly here but instead of focussing on colours I wanted to expose the textures in these flowers using high contrast┬áblack and white. I’ll publish the colour versions shortly.

Early Spring Bokeh

Another cold spring day, but the sun was out. Didn’t get a chance to head out until just before sunset so I walked out with the camera and grabbed a couple of low light shallow depth of field images. The blossom is out so I took the chance to take that cliche shot. It’s still a favourite.

Walking the Old Military Road

Tentsmuir Forest and Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve are in north east Fife, Scotland. Covering some 50 square miles (130 km2), the forest was originally sand dunes and moorland before acquisition by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s. The forest consists mainly of Scots Pine and Corsican Pine.

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Loch Awe and Kilchurn Castle

Loch Awe (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Obha) is a large body of water in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It has also given its name to a village on its banks, variously known as Loch Awe, or Lochawe.

It is the third largest freshwater loch in Scotland with a surface area of 38.5 square kilometres (14.9 square miles). It is the longest freshwater loch in Scotland, measuring 41 kilometres (25.47 miles)from end to end with an average width of 1 kilometre (0.62 miles).

The loch runs approximately south-west to north-east, roughly parallel to the two sea lochs of Loch Etive and Loch Fyne. Via the River Awe and Loch Etive it drains westward from its northern end and thus into the Atlantic Ocean.

At the narrowest section of the loch are North Port (Taychreggan Hotel) and South Port (Portsonachan Hotel). Once used by cattle drovers, a ferry ran between these shores to facilitate crossing to markets beyond. The Transatlantic Cable, which runs through the village of Kilchrenan, was laid across at this point in 1955.

Loch Awe contains several ruined castles on islands, and at the northern end has one of the most photographed castles in Scotland, Kilchurn Castle, which in summer may be visited by a short boat trip or by a half mile walk from a small car park just after the bridge over the River Orchy.


Some photographs from a wander around the reservoir at Monikie Country Park, Scotland. The last photograph was taken on my mobile using the Instagram app. Came out really nice. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the camera on my phone. I’ll need to use it more often for spur of the moment photographs like these.