Stormy Weather (re–edit)

This is a re–edit of a previous photograph that I posted last year. I didn’t think I had managed to get the exposure and contrast the way I wanted and the new image shows the drama more clearly. I think it’s also closer to what I had seen. The heavens opening and the sun breaking through creating an amazing contract between the dark clouds and their sunlit edges.

I’ve also given it a closer crop, giving a greater sense of scale with the man walking along the beach close to the edge of the frame with the other two thirds dominated by the clouds.

Stormy Weather

A massive weather front moves its way from West to East of Scotland. The weather at this time of the year and in late April always makes for dramatic cloud photographs. This September has been particularly volatile after parts of the UK where hit with the remnants of hurricane Katia which slammed into the Eastern US earlier in the month of September.


This is what gale force winds, snow, sand, thunder and lightning looks like on a cold November night. Shot on the beaches of Broughty Ferry looking toward Tayport and Fife.

Campsie Glen toward Ben Lomond

When I left Glasgow there was plenty of hope for a good sunset. Once I arrived, and having trekked the wrong path I had to back track and eventually made it half way to where I wanted to go, only to realise I’d left my water supplies at home I decided to stop here and not risk damaging myself trying to get to the top of this particular hill.

Unfortunately the clear skies has turned into this churned sight but I tried to make the most of what I had. I could see the rain coming and 30 minutes or so later it was time for the waterproofs and a slippery walk back to the car.


It’s Not Pretty