An image from my archives. This was taken in April 2011. Particularly beautiful skies and silence in the air I remember well. You really do get some beautiful light on the east coast of Scotland.

Quiet Forest Path

A quiet path leading through Tentsmuir Forest

Beach Cyclists

A couple cycling along the beach at Tentsmuir Forest

The Future is Bright…

That would be a nice title, if it wasn’t already being used as a slogan for a well known phone brand.

The Law Hill, Rigs and a Sunset

This photograph was taken on Tentsmuir Beach looking towards the city of Dundee. In the distance you can see the legs of one of the jack-up oil rigs currently in the city for maintenance works.

Orange Glow

Almost There

Tentsmuir Beach

The weekend was fantastic so this evening I headed out to Tentsmuir Beach and Forest to have a look around and see what I could find. Gorgeous sunset and deserted beaches.

My First Strobist Experience

I had a couple of friends volunteer to be models for me this weekend for my first time shooting with off camera flash. I consider myself to be pretty comfortable with my photography but at the same time aware that I’ve a lot to learn and it’s a continuous process.

One area that terrifies me is the use of off camera flash… indeed any sort of light that doesn’t come from the sun. As a way to remedy this and to add another option to my workflow I’ve decided to pursue this area pretty aggressively in an effort to get myself up to speed. One thing that I’m always conscious about is that a lot of my landscape photography would be more interesting with people in the frame. So the aim has become two-fold.

I also recently picked up a copy of Syl Arena’s new book Speedliter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites. It’s fantastic and proved to be the final push I need to get out and about. I’m still pretty surprised that you can get pretty decent light with a single source balanced with ambient light. I hope things will snowball from here.

Strobist info
580EX2 @ 105mm zoom with varying angles and power settings for the photographs. Bare on the beach and through an umbrella in the forest.
Triggered with Pocket Wizards

Must take a notebook with me next time.

And a BIG thanks to my friends who helped out with modelling and holding my strobes for me 🙂 Thanks guys!

The Sands of Time

The amazing thing about stopping in a street or in the middle of the city and taking 20 seconds to look around you is that there is history everywhere. Most people don’t even know it. You could be walking to lunch one day during your break and be walking past some of the most significant links back in time without even knowing it. I discovered the Lion Chambers building in Glasgow as a result of this small experiment.

How many Dundonians know that there is a statue of William Shakespeare in the city? What makes me sad is that eventually things like this will disappear. Take the image above for example. Those tank defences used to be on the shore line. Now they are almost 600 yards away from the water when the tide is out and every year they sink further into the silt that is washed downstream. Further inland and one will find old military bunkers and positions.

I explored one of Alfred Nobel’s first explosives factories a year or so ago. Now almost entirely reclaimed by nature it is now only possible to see some of the original laboratories in satellite imagery. These are all links to Scotland’s past. And these will all eventually disappear.