I wonder how many sunrises this tree saw before it perished. A great contrasting figure on Tentsmuir Beach, Fife.

Walking the Old Military Road

Tentsmuir Forest and Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve are in north east Fife, Scotland. Covering some 50 square miles (130 km2), the forest was originally sand dunes and moorland before acquisition by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s. The forest consists mainly of Scots Pine and Corsican Pine.

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Melantha Cassytha in Black and White

Further to my previous collection of images from the shoot with Melantha I wanted to post the black and white images also. Both collections though shot in the same location provide a different feel. I’ve been working a lot with black and white particularly in my mobile photography and have wanted to do a portrait session with black and white specifically in mind, so it’s nice to be able to present these images as part of that vision.

I look forward to collaborating with Melantha on future projects very soon.

Model : Melantha Cassytha

Melantha Cassytha

February saw my first collaboration of the year with beautiful Melantha Cassytha. I’ve had a location in mind for a while and struggled to find someone that I felt would help me achieve the look and level of emotion that I had visualised. We were blessed with one day of fantastic weather and light and Melantha really came through.

Model : Melantha Cassytha


I’ve been trying for a while to find someone to help me achieve the types of photographs I’m after, something with a little emotion and I sort of feel that I’ve achieved that with my latest shoot.

Strobist info : 580EX2 1/8 power bare model right, head height, triggered with the Syl Arena ETTL cord, Using the sunset to provide key light.

Model : Melantha Cassytha


Tried to capture this in the summer but the trees were full of leaves then. Now that it’s winter the leaves have gone and there is a more foreboding feel about the place, especially when the light is overcast.

Rolling Fog on Perthshire Fields

Early morning fog over the hills and fields of Perthshire, as viewed from the top of Kinnoull Hill earlier this year


While driving up the A9 in Scotland passed Dunkeld I saw this view in my rear view mirror and had to turn back to grab a quick photograph. The mist was rolling down the tree covered hillsides onto the road and behind this the sun was settings. It was a cold February day and it’s a great mix for these sorts of shots. Low lying cloud was everywhere.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage at Dunkeld. A beautiful location in Perthshire.

At Rumbling Bridge

At the Rumbling Bridge in Dunkeld.

Some video footage of the waterfall at the bridge.