Walking the Old Military Road

Tentsmuir Forest and Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve are in north east Fife, Scotland. Covering some 50 square miles (130 km2), the forest was originally sand dunes and moorland before acquisition by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s. The forest consists mainly of Scots Pine and Corsican Pine.

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Stormy Weather (re–edit)

This is a re–edit of a previous photograph that I posted last year. I didn’t think I had managed to get the exposure and contrast the way I wanted and the new image shows the drama more clearly. I think it’s also closer to what I had seen. The heavens opening and the sun breaking through creating an amazing contract between the dark clouds and their sunlit edges.

I’ve also given it a closer crop, giving a greater sense of scale with the man walking along the beach close to the edge of the frame with the other two thirds dominated by the clouds.

Stormy Weather

A massive weather front moves its way from West to East of Scotland. The weather at this time of the year and in late April always makes for dramatic cloud photographs. This September has been particularly volatile after parts of the UK where hit with the remnants of hurricane Katia which slammed into the Eastern US earlier in the month of September.

A Walk on the Beach

A mother and her children take a stroll on the beach of Tentsmuir.

It’s such a beautiful area and only a few minutes from where I live and fast becoming one of my go-to places when I’ve got some time to myself. A glorious beach on the left and an enchanting forest on the right it’s a perfect place to while a day away.

Tentsmuir Forest and Beach

I’ve lived in Dundee most of my life, I can see the forest from my house and yet I’ve never visited Tentsmuir Forest before today. I picked a good day to go. Sub-zero temperatures, black ice and plenty of cold wind made it an adventurous walk. I came home unscathed feeling better having enjoyed some of the freshest air and scenery I’ve experienced for a while.

Relatively popular with dog walkers and those seeking a bit of exercise it is quite easy to escape to quieter places by following some of the trails off the beach into the miles of forest that immediately protect the coast line from sea erosion.

Tentsmuir Forest in Fife, Scotland, stands next to Kinshaldy Beach with a view across the Firth of Tay. Covering some 50 square miles (130 km2), the area was originally moorland before acquisition by the Forestry Commission in the 1920s.

The forest consists mainly of Scots Pine and Corsican Pine, a large part of which is a Nature Reserve (Tentsmuir Point National Nature reserve). Since the forest is adjacent to Kinshaldy Beach, there is a large variety of wildlife. Here can be seen deer, bats, Red Squirrel and in particular Grey Seal. Unusually, however, there are also cattle present as part of conservation management.

Tentsmuir Forest is notable for the many concrete blocks distributed along the shoreline, which acted as coastal defence against landing craft during World War II. The nearby RAF Leuchars base means that military aircraft are often seen (and heard), but aviation links go back to 1911 with the setting up of a Royal Engineers training camp. During World War II troops of the Polish Army were based here to man the coastal defences.